Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Survivor One World

Early spring once again gives us Lent, the promise, but usually unfulfilled promise of nice weather, lots of basketball, and a new Season of Survivor. This time, we can actually say this is a new season of Survivor. No new players and an interesting "One World" twist.
First off, NO MORE REDEMPTION ISLAND! Can you tell I'm excited? Now if you are off, you are off, maybe better dramatized this way
Back to the One World thing. Both tribes are living at the same camp. It does provide something new and possible intrigue, but we'll see how it plays out. Survivor did kind of did this once before in the Thailand season. Tribes were put together at the same beach when teams were tied 5-5. They thought it was a merge, but the tribes actually stayed divided. It was an interesting, albeit short-lived twist. I think it will work better this season with the tribes divided by sex.
Also there will be "Do it Yourself" challenges with no Jeff Probst. We've seen one so far, and it was pretty dumb. If you look back on some of the original seasons, Jeff did not provide any play-by-play in challenges and they were decidedly less dramatic. I'm not sure the reason behind it. Probst too busy? Add to the tension between tribes? Hopefully there won't be too many more of these.

Let's take at my initial thoughts (before watching episode 3) on the Survivor One World Cast:

Alicia - Seems like a bitch, don't think I'd want her on my side as you can't trust her and she's pretty volatile. But she does have a body-body.

Chelsea - I would not mind being stranded on a desert island with her. She's hot (Survivor seems to be upping the hotness after a pretty weak cast last season. Even the older women are hot this time) seems to be smart and can catch some chickens. I'm rooting for her.

Christina - Eh, not sure where she fits into the game

Kat - Not the brightest bulb. I don't see her getting far as she seems to be there to have fun and not necessarily play the game.

Kim - I like her, she seems well rounded and actually possesses common sense. In a Seinfeldian critique, her eyes are a little too close together.

Monica - 41? How much of that body was always hers?

Sabrina - I like her. She seems pretty funny and good at reading others.

Bill - Stand-up comedian? Say something funny already.

Colton - Uggh. I do not want this to be the Colton Season. This guy sucks. I hope he goes soon.

Greg (Tarzan) - Seems an interesting old man. I'd like to see more of him.

Jay - The new Grant - hasn't said too much, but did start fire ridiculously easily. Less douchey than his Frat Pack alliance.

Jonas - The only regular guy in the bunch. I'm rooting for him.

Leif - Not tall. Not talkative.

Matt - Seems pretty douchey.

Michael - See Matt, but a little less proud about it

Troy - Dude said, "Greg can't be Tarzan, I'm Troyzan." That's all you need to know.

There you go. I am optimistic about this season. Hopefully there will be a tribe switch at some point, maybe a mutiny or something to really shake things about. I like a few of the women, but am uncertain about the men. It's early.

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