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Harry Potter Characters

Well, I thought about ranking my favorite Harry Potter characters, which I might still do, but after looking at them I instead decided to divide them up into characters 1. I want to know more about 2. character I wish were around less and 3. characters that were porttrayed just the right amount, kinda like a Goldilocks version of Harry Potter characters.
First we'll look at the characters I wanted to see more and want to know more about. In the Star Wars Universe there was once a time where you could make a list like this, but after hundreds of books have added to the official lexicon, you know pretty much everything about every single character who had even a half second of screen time. I'm glad HP is not yet to that point. These are by no means the best Harry Potter characters, just the most intriguing ones.

Most Intriguing Harry Potter Characters

1. Regulus Black - Wow, I want to know everything about this guy. How did he and Sirius get along? Why did he become a Death Eater? Why did he turn away from Voldemort? How did he find out about the Horcrux? How did he get the Locket in the Cave? Yes, I want to know more!
He is also an odd character as he is never really in the books if I correctly recall, not even in flashbacks. He is just talked about by others. Interesting. Regulus would be my first choice for a Harry Potter spinoff, "The Dark Adventures of Regulus Black". A great examination of a tortured soul it would be.

2. The Gaunts - The House of Gaunt was one of the best chapters in the series. Here, shown only in flashback. You get access to a piece of the magical world not yet seen. How did the Gaunts come to this? What did they do before this? How did they interact with muggles? Did they go to Hogwarts?
Are there other wizards like this? Lots more to know.

3. Cormac - I might be in the minority here, but I really like this guy. He was pretty funny in both the book and the movie. Where did he come from? What did he do in all his years at Hogwarts in in Gryffindor that we didn't see him? I wish he would have been used more.

4.Cedric Diggory - The All-American boy, if he was American. What was his life like before the Triwizard tournament, just breaking the hearts of girls everywhere?

5. Professor McGonagall - Mcgonagall has to be the most consistent character in the series, and maybe the most realistic. She never wavers. She fights for good, cares about her students, but doesn't always give Harry the benefit of the doubt when he does something stupid. This would be my second pick for a Harry Potter spin-off, "Young Minerva McGonagall" I imagine it would be like Sabrina the Teenage Witch, but sluttier. Tell me she wasn't saucy in her younger years.

6. Professor Slughorn - I only wish we had a few more years with Slughorn. We had glimpses of his past, but I want more.

7. Barty Crouch - Going for Sr and Jr here. I like the prim and proper, by the book Crouch. His story is actually rather touching. With Jr., man there are a lot of unanswered questions. What did he do to go to Azkaban? How did he know so much about Moody? Why was he such a damn good teacher? Why did he do that weird tongue licking thing in the movie?

8. Luna Lovegood - Great character, but where was she in years 2-4? Also, seeing her at Hogwarts without Harry, Ron, and Hermione in Deathly Hallows would have been interesting.

9. Ludo Bagman - Got to love a gambling addict.

10. Victor Krum - This could be another great spin-0ff, "Victor at Durmstrang" or "Krum, the Hungarian Heartthrob".

11. Draco Malfoy - We did get a lot about Draco. Most of the time he was just a huge a-hole. I guess it was his upbringing, but I would like a little more depth.

12. Mundungus Flectcher- I like this dirtbag. He adds something to the Order of the Phoenix and the good guys.

13. Percy Weasley - I'm not sure why I like Percy, but I do. He is definitely a douche, but I can just imagine him going home every night and crying himself to sleep.

14. Xenophilius Lovegood - A good addition to the last book.

15. Aberforth Dumbledore - He did what with goat? A good foil to Dumbledore.

16. Borgin - Dude owns a Dark Magic artifact store. That has got to spark your interest.

17. Igor Karkaroff - What did he do to go to Azkaban? How did he reform? How did he die?

18. Lavender Brown - I'm pretty sure all we know about her is she likes to snog and likes unicorns.

19. Blaise Zabini - Just to prove that there is more to Slytherin than Draco, Crabbe, and Goyle

20. Ernie Macmillan - Hufflepuff!

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