Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Survivor 21

Well, surprisingly unemployment has caused me to blog much less. I've actually been pretty devoid of ideas lately, as I'm sure you've seen from my lack of post lately.

In need of an idea? Why not blog about Survivor. It's usually hard to tell who you like, who is a good character, who will get far after a few episodes, but I think I've got a few funny things to say about most people. I was even considering putting something on facebook about how wild these people are. Where did they find them? Are they real? Do they know they're on TV? But then I remembered no one really watches Survivor anymore. Well, let's take a look at this season's castaways anyways.

Young Team:

Shannon - Yes, Shannon is a man. The one who got voted off last week. What was wrong with this guy? He seemed incredibly normal until tribal council. He called out his friends, enemies, randoms and called out a dude for being gay. It's no surprise he's gone.

Alina - Pretty much back in the shadows. Hasn't done too much yet.

Kelly B - One leg. I hope she gets far so we can see what happens to that prosthetic leg. I thought she would be afraid of getting it dirty. I guess not. I'm hoping it rusts or gets so full of sand and dirt that it doesn't work properly. I like her, though. Hottest one legged contestant in Survivor history.

Kelly S - She's known on the show as "Kelly Purple". Um, ok. way to make a name for yourself. Hot, but hasn't done much yet.

Chase - Hoes before bros. But the tribal council behavior by Shannon definitely shows he made the right choice.

Brenda - pretty cute and knows how to work it. Men love her, girls don't trust her, the makings of a very good Survivor character. Makes me think of the "I want to hold your hand" girl in
Across the Universe.

Benry - First off, props to this guy for the first name/last name combo. Love it. Second, has this guy said a word yet? I don't think so. When confronted at tribal council by Jeff and Shannon, he just kind of had this dumb look on his face and shook his head. Nice one.

NaOnka - Diva. Is this girl for real? Where did this entitlement come from? This is Survivor. I did like the extreme neck movement when Jeff asked if she was difficult or complicated or something. Good work. I don't see her going to far.

Sash - Jamaican? "If I wasn't from Jamaica then why would I be wearing this hat?" Good thing he is on Survivor so he can live "Right near da beach. Boy-eeee!"

Jud - I like him. You need a surfer on Survivor. I hope he makes it far.

Old Team

Jimmy Johnson - Dude, why are you on Survivor? Go back to the NFL pre-game.

Yve - I think she is pissed she's categorized with the Old People. Thus she has not talked the entire season.

Jimmy T. - I'd like to see more of this guy, but don't see him staying too long. Reminds me of Mickey Rouke

Dan - Gator shoes. I imagine this guy wears track suits most of the time. Too bad he didn't bring them to Survivor.

Holly - Ok, this lady is crazy. Putting sand in Dan's shoes then sinking them in the water, that is just deviant. I guess maybe she's trying to be like Russell or something, but did she think no one will notice. I think she'll be out tonight.

Tyrone - Don't know much about him, but I could see this guy going far.

Marty - Looking good. He seems to know how to play the game. He'll work JJ until he needs to get rid of him. And he has the idol

Jill - Helped Marty get the idol, so that puts her in a good position for a while.

Jane - Started fire, but kina old

There you go. I hoped you enjoyed my observations. Proper responses to this post will be:
Does anyone care about Survivor anyone?
What is this, 2001?
Lame post Big Dunc. Give it up.

Thank You

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Thorzul said...

I care. But I did miss the first episode, stupid DVR doesn't recognize the show because each time Survivor changes locations, the name in the guide changes too.

Your first picture brings up the need for a male dress code on the show. Absolutely no boxer briefs! The producers need to make a pair of modesty shorts available for every contestant. This would be in addition to the buff.

I must also say that I'm liking Survivor on Wednesdays. Almost every good show was on Thursday last year, but now the wealth has been spread a little more.