Monday, January 5, 2009

Nintendo Madness

Anyone remember the Nintendo Madness Tourney I put together last March? No, well that's ok. I kinda forgot about it too and never completed it. It got trumped by the amzaing LOTR/Star Wars bonanza.
But the Nintendo Tourney is back! We have four finalists. Vote over one the right. Most votes wins the title of BEST ORIGINAL NINTENDO GAME

Pick your horse.

1. Super Mario Brothers 3You got P-wings, frog suits, tails, memory games, big world, ice world, warp whistles, tons of great levels. Level 8 was extremely difficult. Plus, in this game you could go forward and backwards. And who can forget the king of each level being turned into some sort of weird animal? Great

3. TMNT IIThe classic arcade game in your own home. Who could want more? Well, you got Bebop, Rocksteady, Baxter Stockman, Thousands of Footsoldiers, Shredder, and Krang in his giant, scary robot body. Very Nice.
1. Techmo Super BowlFirst great sports game. Great game play for nintendo, plus stats and season mode. Warren Moon, Rodger Craig, Bo Jackson, Randle Cunningham, Ronnie Lott and much, much more

2. Zelda II the Adventure of LinkGreat RPG, introduced a lot to the genre. How important was it to keep perfect health to shoot that shiney beam out of your sword? And that horse guy in the first castle, man. Talking to the towns people was always a laugh. And the music is still engrained in my memory

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