Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Lambeau Field Review

It was a busy week. Drove from Western Montana to Milwaukee, was home for the 1st time since September, I saw my girlfriend for the 1st time in 4 months (A LONG TIME), my brother was married, went to a Packer game, and drove back to Montana.
Going to my first ever Packer game at Lambeau Field was a great way to end my vacation.

Yep, 1st ever Packer game at Lambeau. I had previously been at one Packer game 15 years ago at Milwaukee County Stadium. That is a long time. So I was excited.

Big game too. 5-6, 1 game back, playing a good NFC team. At home, a game you need to win. Last day of November, a Southern team coming up. This is Packer Time.
The stadium was cool. All the additions fit in well and it still have an old school, small town field. The fans were great. Everyone was in Packer gear, lots of jerseys, or blaze orange. It was cold, but bearable. Our seats were great, which says a lot about the stadium. We were three rows up from the tunnel where the Packers come out. It is kind of in the corner of the end zone, but still a great seat.
The crowd was mixed. A few drunk young people, a few kids, a few old people, but for the most part everyone was into the game. My only other football experiences have been at Badger games, so that is much different. There drunkenness is accepted. It was loud, but not crazy, crazy loud. There were a few boos, mostly directed at the punter and refs, which I hear is pretty rare for Lambeau Field.
The game was exciting. Perfect scenario was being set up - slow start, comeback, close game, looking for the go ahead TD in the end zone I am sitting in, the snow is starting to fall in the 4th. Wow. But, we can't punch it in. We have no special teams, the complete a crazy pass. We lose. Wow.
I still can't believe we lost than game. We had the better team. We have a good team. Rodgers is very good. Our receiving corps is amazing. Charles Woodson is damn good. Aaron Kampman is money. Special teams is horrible. Hawk needs to do more. We need another DT and DE. We will not make the playoffs. That is too bad.

Despite the loss, it was a great time. I'm glad I was there. It could have been perfect, almost storybook-like, but we somehow lost. I will be back Lambeau.

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Aaron P. Frailing said...

How bad am I that I never knew you blogged on this. Glad you enjoyed it man. Glad I got to experience your first Lambeau Field jaunt with you.